Monday, December 27, 2010

blog fail

If you're a twitter user (or just someone who is up on the hip and happening trends of the internet) you may have seen (or heard of) the fail whale. This charming fellow greets you when twitter is experiencing problems and you can't get into the site. The fail whale takes a usually frustrating situation and turns it into something cute! Behold:

Aww. Poor whale. You just can't stay mad at him! Etsy has a similar error cute image:

Just look at those wide-set eyes! That yarn is adorable! I decided that I should make my very own error message but since I can't fix actual errors of blogspot I'd make a "blog fail" image instead! That way you lovely readers can be greeted by cuteness when I fail at blogging:

Ah! Thumbs up yeti! What an over-enthused mythical creature you are! Since my "blog every day of 2010" goal is almost up (and I certainly don't plan to mess that up now) I'm hoping fail yeti won't pop up for you any time soon but he may appear in 2011 (when I will try to blog often, but probably won't make it everyday). But hey - abominable snowmen (even the thumbs up kind) are elusive anyways right? I thought so...I also figured if any of you bloggers out there are experiencing a blog fail you can snafooze yeti to help ease the disappointment of a no post day to your readers! Any thoughts? Or takers?


  1. Hehe- I like it!
    I need one for "car fail" when it's too cold/snowy for my car to start. This has become very frequent lately!

  2. Aww. I lvoe that snowman! I want to hug him and will forgive all his failures happily.