Monday, January 24, 2011

Dr. Bandaid and a series of puns

It seems that I've talked about the amazing webcomic "my cardboard life" on quite a few occasions (link, link, link). Clearly I should give up my attempts to get any of my readers hooked on the wonderful british cut and pasted comic strips but apparently I'm up for one more try! I was looking through my mass amounts of "draft" blog posts (a.k.a. when I see a tutorial/blog post/random thing I like then save the link as a "draft new post" for future uninspired blogging moments) and came across some wonderful comics featuring three of my favourite things - dr. bandaid, terrible awkward attempts at romance, and puns! With valentines day peeking up on the horizon I figured it was now or never to revisit these with you. Let's be serious here - who doesn't love a good pun? Here we go:

and then the ultimate in valentine'y goodness:

Oh dear - dr. bandaid - one day your puns will work for you. I have also discovered that you can even purchase your own "dr. bandaids hot guide to romance" on the site too! OooO! And they have a digital paper doll colin/pauline dress up game there too! Once again proving the well known fact that everything is better when it comes from the UK...*sigh*


  1. haha- these are great, I'm a huge cheeseball/ punster so I'm scrambling to send this link to everyone I know ;)
    thanks for the find!

  2. Your blog was super punny today! Mom (who enjoys a great pun)

  3. Hahahaha! Good jokes Dr. Bandaid and Mom! Hehe

    Totally awesome! And I agree that things from the UK are awesome, like Hamish, Shakespeare and us. Teehee.

  4. I'm feeling a twinge of National Pride right now. :)