Monday, December 20, 2010

xmas countdown!

We've got less than a week before the big day and today I officially need to get everything done as far as holiday preparations. Loads of shopping, wrapping, cleaning, and organizing to do so instead of a lengthy post I thought I'd share this cardboard life comic:

Hey maybe my family would like a big bag of rats instead of presents? Maybe not...but I bet percy (el gato diablo) would though...

In other non-rat related news. I had a fantastic weekend full of staff party (the bacon ornament was a hit and I found out many of my coworkers are ultra crafty), a fraser family xmas (with amazing food and super spoiling gifts) and my friend kristine's xmas gathering (always fun)! Woo! Now back to work for are your preparations coming along? Anyone getting rats on your list?


  1. No rats, but Percy would like another mouse like he caught at the lake a few summers ago. When we take him to the lake he always goes and checks out the corner by the fireplace as that is where he caught is one and only mouse. Mom

  2. What are you going to use your iPad for, anyway? I don't understand the appeal of those things - they seem redundant. A vacuum is AWESOME though! Get thee housecleaning, wench! Hehe