Sunday, March 20, 2016

taco eclipse

Blog honesty time - my life has been pretty much falling apart over the last four years.


Okay - perhaps I'm being a bit melodramatic but I certainly haven't been able to keep my life together and even more so haven't been able to keep up with blogging (or, you know, mental health for that matter). I feel like loads of people on the internet try to show the shiny lovely sides of their lives and tuck away that "I'm a complete mess" part away.  I certainly like to try to stay positive but sometimes things just don't go how we'd like and you deal with it the best you can.  I'm dealing.  There are still lots of wonderfully kitten-y good things I'm surrounded with (heck yes to my awesome supportive hubs and first world living), but I have been bogged down with snowballing chronic disease making it extraordinarily difficult for me to function.  My autoimmune health problems have split off into some serious chronic pain and fatigue disorders and my mental health has taken an enormous hit as I lose my mom to Alzheimer's. As always, things could be a lot worse so as part of my attempt to pull my life back to a good place I'm hoping to share some fun crafty and geeky things on my blog again and work in some extra self-acceptance and self-love while I'm at it. I'm a work in progress so I doubt I will be to daily blog posts in the near future but it's a start.  The social media and blogging community can be one heck of an amazing place sometimes so I'm going to dip my toe back into that sea and go from there.  Readers and comments are just the icing on the blogging cake so the fact that you (yes you) are here is pretty special and who doesn't like extra sprinkles on their dessert?