Tuesday, February 11, 2014

well said

It is pretty close to coming up to one year since we purchased our cosmetically challenged condo here in Kamloops and we are (unfortunately) still a bit away from finishing our renovations. Once the renos are done then perhaps we will finally be able to unpack our boxes from our move in the summer (oy!) and start actually living in our home instead of just sort of existing here. Throw on a wedding, a change of jobs, two major moves, a giant learning curve, and one heck of a chronic illness roller-coaster and you can certainly understand why things have been so slow moving. Alas - one day things will fall into place again and this lovely little mantra should be plastered on my unfinished walls:
I'm so looking forward to our finished home and new studio so I can get back into more regular crafting, more sharing, and the long awaited reopening of my etsy shop! Oh what a day that will be! In the meaning I am seriously considering making a nice embroidery sampler of the above statement so I can be reminded to have a little patience now and again. How are things coming along with your lives? Do you have any words of wisdom you turn to when times are challenging? 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Feeling like Foliage

I couldn't help but fall in love with these darling (and quite odd) images from "urbans and indians" (link). Why yes - the website is in Dutch, but no need to translate if you're like me and mostly interested in the imagery. Take a gander:


Or perhaps you're into the larger fronds? 


or my personal fave...


It really makes be wish I had a series of these hanging in my house somewhere. Or maybe I need to crochet up some cacti costumes for Fraser and I to sport for a nice xmas card photo? Or heck - I may as well aim to dress up and send out silly wedding thank you cards because I am sure am taking a million years to send those out! Oh dear! That would require me finding my very much missing address book so first things first - plant costumes. It's all about the priorities.