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Upcoming craft shows:

Spring/Summer 2016

Kamloops Regional Farmer's Market - Saturdays from 8-12 in the schoolyard on the 200 block of St. Paul St. The market's run April - October. I'm a seasonal vendor and will be starting on the May long and going until Sept.

Kamloops Artisan Market - Thursdays from 10-2 on the 400 block of Victoria St.  I'm signed up as a casual vendor at this one so I will be doing them sporadically depending on sales

Fall 2016

Application pending for a spot in the Artisan Market in Kelowna Oct 1/2 as part of cultural days.  I'm really hoping for a booth in this one so wish me luck!

**Keep an eye on my facebook page for craft show updates as I always post there where and when I will be doing a show!**

In stores:

Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
  • Kamloops Art Gallery Store  (illustrated buttons, pocket mirrors, glass pendant necklaces, and postcard sets, also select earrings)

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
  • Funktional (flower rings, earrings and brooches, felt feather earrings, illustrated pocket mirrors, and select bags and pouches)

Quanthiaski Cove, British Columbia, Canada
  • Polluted Pixie (illustrated buttons, magnets, pocket mirrors, and postcard sets)

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    • Plush (illustrated buttons, magnets, and pocket mirrors)

    Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

    Louisville, Kentucky, United States