Wednesday, May 27, 2015

my high tech photography studio

I've had friends ask me how I manage to take all of my product and blog pictures so I figured today was as good a day as any to reveal my ultra high tech photography studio. Behold:

Pretty fancy eh? Here's an even more in depth labeled picture:

The secret it out. I take pictures on the floor of my living room with my iphone camera. I've tried all sorts of different set ups and equipment since I started selling online in 2008 (wow that was a while ago), but this seemed to work the best for me.  I have a stretched panel of light cotton fabric (that is actually part of a lightbox Fraser made me) as my backdrop and use the lovely light source of our giant front room windows. Throw in a cushion for my bum and you're set! There it is in all its glory. Oh, and yes, I do have quite the jungle of plants hanging out in my living room...

Monday, May 25, 2015

Morse Code Bracelets

I feel like summer is prime bracelet season as our sleeves are slowly disappearing and my cardigans move from full length sleeves to three-quarter length! (I know, I'm wild like that).  Well these tiny morse code seed bead bracelets from Honestly WTF (link) are just perfect:


Aren't they fun? I love how she has them all stacked and all the fun colour options you have! Plus (most importantly) I have all the supplies at home already! Woo! my seed beads aren't quite as fancy (they're not little cylinders, they're little balls) - but sure to do the trick regardless. Plus the whole line-dash-line morse code element is extra cute and sneaky. How many people are actually going to know what your wrists are saying? Looks like the perfect simple ladies craft night project! Anyone in with me?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I'd like more energy please

I already want to take a nap tomorrow.

Does anyone else out there suffer from chronic fatigue? Mine is tied in pretty tight with my series of chronic illnesses - but it can be so frustrating. I have so many crafty ideas I want to work on and zero time/energy to do them (let alone normal daily tasks like preparing food, washing my hair, and working)...  How do you deal? Any tips for me?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Brass Studs

Over my two year crafting/blogging hiatus I came up with some fun projects to keep my idle hands busy.  Now that I'm trying to come back into the crafting and selling world I figure it is about time to share one of my favourite new items I've added to my crafty arsenal - brass stud earrings: 

The sparrows and little crosses are totally my favourites (hence using them as my first image) but I have loads of other designs to chose from too. Here is a little selection of the smaller sized studs (although now that I've been making them and selling them consignment for a year or so I have expanded the line even further):

I ended up dividing the earrings into two groupings (smaller and larger) and made two sizes of packaging to differentiate them.  Here are a few of the larger (thus slightly more costly) studs:

Aren't they fun? As always, I enjoyed coming up with a new packaging idea for these and had to branch away from my standard recycled kraft cardstock (which is brown) and went with some classic white card to make the gold colour pop.  I then stamped on a pale blue/green pattern for a bit of interest and put the url to my etsy shop on the back so people can find me if they're interested in the other goodies I make!  

I will definitely have to take some updated pictures of my entire selection of brass studs once I whip up another batch but (as you may have noticed) I've been super busy lately crafting up a storm! Now the only kink I have left to work out is how in the world I will display these at my craft booth.  I suppose I could just lay them neatly on the table but there is certainly a fly away risk with how light they are and if I tried to lay the whole lot of them out my table surface would be monopolized with just the one item! Oh dear! 

What are your thoughts? Do you have a favourite pair? Any suggestions for future designs? 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Studio Ghibli Pinback Buttons

The illustrated goodness continues with some of my most favourite Studio Ghibli characters in pinback button form! Take a peek at Calcifer, Totoro, and Soot Sprites:

I seem to have done quite a few Totoro and Soot Sprite themed crafts here on the blog including these pendants (link), some felt brooches (link), and pom pom sprites (link) - but this is my first time trying anything with Calicfer and he was so fun to draw! I've also come to the realization that Howl's Moving Castle is by far my favourite Ghibli film after I did a Miyazaki marathon and had some direct comparison of their wonderful creative cuteness! Yay!  During my week long marathon I came up with all the anthropomorphic goodies for my BFF button sets (link), so once I finished up with those it seemed natural to draw out my favourite characters from the movies I was watching.  Hooray! If you want to get your hands on this trio they're already up for sale in my etsy shop (link) and if you're not a button fan I can make them into magnets or mirrors too! Oh my!

So who is your favourite Studio Ghibli character? Do you have a favourite movie? Do you have no idea what I'm talking about and totally don't get this post? Oh dear! I hope not...

Monday, May 11, 2015

Cuppa Aloe?

Here's a nice little project that combines two of my favourite things - succulents and tea! Oh my! Look how cute this is:


That little tea tag is priceless and totally ups the awesome factor on this project. The only problem? I may already have a jungle of plants in my house already and probably don't need anymore...rats...

Friday, May 8, 2015


I usually have quite a few product ideas floating around my head, and for years I've been thinking of making a whole bunch of best friend button sets. Well I took the plunge and after a few weeks of concentrated effort (yes - it is quite the long process) they are here! Check out these perfect pairings:

Hooray! I'm super excited for how they turned out and even made some slightly mathematical card packaging for them! As with most of the projects I went a smidge overboard once I got started and ended up with 16 different sets! Ok...if you look closely two of those sets are remarkably similar but once I made bacon and eggs I felt a bacon and bacon set was in order because what goes better with bacon then more bacon? Apparently food items are my favourite pairs making up 56% of the sets, followed by some semi scientific sets like the pollination pals, symbiotic anemone and clown fish, and (my faves) the base pairs! Here are everyones favourite DNA building blocks in their fully packaged glory:

And hey - if you're like Mindy Kaling and "best friend" is more of a tier than a person you can get both base pair sets and share them with three of your geeky pals! Yay!

All of these darling new sets are already up for sale in my etsy shop (link) and just begging to be bought and loved! What are your thoughts? Which set suits your and your BFF the best? Any favourites?