Why hello! Thanks for popping in! This page is all about the plethora of products I've made over the years.  Since the goods I sell online, at craft shows, and in shops often differ I thought I'd unify my craftiness and compile them all in one spot for you to peruse! Now, onto the crafts:

Pinback Buttons and Magnets

Available in a variety of anthropomorphic designs, these 1" pins have been a staple in my etsy shop and are perfect for wholesale and consignment selling. I draw all the designs myself, scan, and colour them and sell them in sets of three. Can also be made into magnets.

Sets of 3 include: dinosaurs, ghibli studio pals, geek wear, geology rocks, lab ware, love robots, microbes, mushrooms, mustache kitties, rain, scientists, sea life, tea, thumbs up yeti and friends, woodland creatures, veggies, crochet or knit yarn balls, yarn kitties, and woolly mammals.  The lower image is of my best friends sets of 2 button pals.  BFF sets include: lemon and lime, pb and jelly, garlic and ginger, cat and yarn, bacon and egg (or bacon and bacon), milk and cookie, coffee and doughnut, base pairs A&T or C&G, salt and pepper, avocado halves, lock and key, bee and flower, sun and rainbow, sea anemone and clown fish, squirrel and nut, narwhal and unicorn, and wine and cheese. The images below show how I package the buttons for online, retail, and individual special order (e.g. wedding favours) purposes:

Pocket Mirrors 

You can check if you've got something in your teeth in style with a 2.25" pocket mirror! Available in any of my illustrated designs (plus a few extras) these gems are made with high quality parts and even come with a hand-sewn felt case for extra scratch protection.

These mirrors make great gifts and quite popular at craft shows. I can also package them up for retail sale:


I have printed a few of my more popular illustrations into postcards. Fun to frame or post, these cards have a glossy finish and are printed to the highest quality. Similar to the pins and mirrors, they come in some of my home made packaging:

Glass Pendants and Rings

The illustrated fun continues with a line of glass tile necklaces and rings.  The necklaces come on 18" chains that can be shortened and the rings are adjustable to suit your accessory needs!

I've made the pieces from a few of my favourite designs and offer packaging for retail selling:


Photo Clips 

Just in case you need a few more wide set eye smiling pals in your life, you can get some as photo clips! Available in lots of colours and designs these clips are great for showcasing your pictures or holding notes and lists.


Who doesn't love stickers? Great for sticking on notes, books, letters, or whatever your heart fancies! Available in a variety of popular illustrated sets and a hit at craft shows. 

Mini bookmarks/gift tags

As an extra dose of cute I give away mini bookmarks with all my etsy sales. They can double as gift cards and are also available for sale at craft shows. Hooray!

Cabochon Stud Earrings

I started making these resin molded flower earrings years ago and loved them so much I thought I'd make some to sell! I even whipped up some doily inspired cards for them too:

The earrings come in four different flower designs (icing rose, wild rose, chrysanthemum, or mini icing rose) and their backings are coated with white gold for those of us with sensitive ears. They come in tons of different colours perfect for matching any outfit and ever popular in retail stores.

I love to rainbow sort them too!

I also sell three different resin flower rings (roses and small or large chrysanthemums). With similar packaging to their earring siblings, these rings come in a rainbow of colours as well!

Fabric button studs

Great for adding a pop of colour, texture, and pattern to your wardrobe, these fabric button earrings are fun to make and wear. They have the same white gold coated backings as the flower studs and come on doily cut cards!

Brass Earrings

These beauties come in all sorts of geometric shapes and nature themes and are perfect for everyday wear.  I've made them into stud earrings (small size and larger) as well as dangly ones (also small and large sized).  The findings are all silver, gold, or white gold in case you have sensitive ears and like all my jewelry there is never any nickel, lead, or cadmium in there.

Glass Tile Earrings

These darling studs come in both 8mm and 12mm sizes and have all sorts of different designs including my illustrated anthropomorphic pals, vintage animals, geometric patterns, and sparkly glitter!  The backings on these earrings are sterling silver and although they are water resistant it is best to avoid bathing and swimming with these since the glaze I use to make these is water based.

Felt Earrings

I originally made these earrings when I was looking for a few non-sciencey items to add to my craft booth table. They are hand cut from wool felt and stitched together onto silver ear hooks. I even made up some recycled paper cards to package them for sales.

They come in two different shapes (feathers or tear drops) and a huge variety of colours.

Polymer Clay Accessories

I love the angles and dimension of geometric shapes so much that I made my own geometric necklaces and rings!  They are hand sculpted from polymer clay, painted with acrylics, and finished with varnish.

To continue the polymer clay fun I've made a bunch of clay painted pendants.  Each one is hand sculpted then painted and finished with a few coats of matte varnish.  The necklace strings are made from organic waxed cotton and have slip knot closures so you can adjust the necklace length.

I love a little colour and contrast in a necklace and these polymer clay and wood bead necklaces are no exception.  I hand sculpt my slightly imperfect round clay beads and then paint them with my custom acrylic paint colours I mix.  I finished the clay beads with a matte varnish and added some natural wood satin varnished beads for a bit of contrast. They have adjustable waxed cotton cords so you can change the length of the necklace depending on your accessorizing needs. 

Painted Wooden Necklaces

I originally made these double sided pendants for a craft swap and loved them so much I made more! They're hand sanded and drilled wooden circles that I've painted with acrylic and sealed. They are then threaded onto an adjustable waxed cotton cord so you can easily change their length!  


The painted wooden fun continues with some fun shaped necklaces - like these mushrooms, acorns, and squarish beads!

 Fabric Covered Wooden Brooches

These pins were a fun experiment I started to use up fabric scraps. I fell in love with the finished product and love wearing one on a cardigan! They're hand sanded and painted wooden shapes that I then mod podge fabric to and finish up with a bar pin and several coats of varnish.

Wooden Stud Earrings

Hand cut, sanded, and painted wood pieces are used to make these earrings. They come in an assortment of muted tones and have either a domed or flat circle shape. These earrings are perfect for dressing up or down and have a vintage feel. I've also whipped up some doily stamped packaging for an extra touch. 

Felt Brooches

If you're a regular reader of my blog, I'm sure you know how much I love working with felt. It is durable and versatile and comes in lots of fun vibrant colours! I've made a ton of felt brooches over the years including these pinking sheared and embroidered 3D flowers:

 I've even done a few "brooch a day" challenges and come up with all sorts of different wool felt pin designs too! Here are a few samples:


I've even taken the felt flower craft a bit further and made some hair clips as well (with some simple card packaging).

Embroidery Hoop Art

Since I seem to love hand stitching geeky prints with felt I thought I might as well start putting them in wooden hoops! Perfect for any room and ready to hang.

Crochet Heart Pins

As it happens, the very first sale I made in my etsy shop was crocheted. Although technology has since changed dramatically to fit in the gimpy cat cell phone cases I made, I do have a soft spot for crochet crafts.  This past Valentine's day I made a whole slew of crochet hearts that make perfect pins for a bit of a handmade touch for any outfit!

Fabric Rings

I love incorporating colour and pattern into my outfits and fabric rings are a great (and inexpensive) way to do that! Ranging in sizes from extra wee to mammoth, these cotton fabric rings are sewn and stitched together by my own two hands. They add a nice bit of colour to my craft booth table and even have a fun wooden display Fraser made for me.

Plush Microbes

During university I made some of my fellow microbiologists plush germs as gifts. They were so much fun to make that when I started selling my creations I had to make more! The microbes come in four different varieties (pseudomonas, chlamydia, anthrax, and e.coli) and besides being charmingly cute - also come with cards telling you some fun facts about your new plush friend!

Mustache on a stick

Who doesn't need a mustache on a stick? Great for parties, costumes, photo booths, and more, these mustaches are ever popular at craft shows and in shops.  They are hand stitched from felt and stuffed to give them some dimension. Just like the real thing, these mustaches come in a variety of shapes and colours!

Magic Wands

While these may not be Harry Potter quality, these happy little felt wands are loads of fun for the kiddies! I made them in star, heart, and flower shapes with my signature embroidered smile on there for good measure. They are hand stitched together from felt, stuffed, and glued onto wooden dowels with colourful ribbons.

Embroidered Coffee Sleeves

No better way to show your appreciation for science, handmade goods, and non scalded hands than with your very own coffee sleeve. I've been making these since I started online selling back in 2008 and they continue to be a hit. Although I can't produce them very quickly (they are a ton of work) they always seem to elicit a positive response! Here are some samples of some sleeves from my last craft show in flower, caffeine, and love robot designs:


Since the majority of my crafts are pretty low price point, I like to add a few higher priced items to my craft table for good measure.  Since I am a huge lover of tea I decided to make some hand embroidered tea cozies. They fit almost any tea pot and are great at keeping your beverage warm! The selection below are in yeti, flower, and robot designs:

Not into tea? Not to worry - you can keep your french press warm with its own hand stitched cozy! Coffee drinkers rejoice!

Bags & Pouches

Once in a while I like to dabble in the world of clutch making.  Although they do not make a regular appearance in my craft shows, these pouches are made from various tweeds and suitings with touches of cotton lace:

I have also made canvas clutches with colour strips to show off some of my pinback button sets.

In fact, many of my button designs originated as felt embroidered patterns I made up for a line of pouches!

Albi the Racist Dragon Magnet Set

Based on the loving tale of Albi the racist dragon, this magnet set depicts characters seen on HBO's Flight of the Conchords (season 1, episode 7).  Set includes: Albi the racist dragon, the badly burnt Albanian boy from the day before, and that magical dragon tear turned jelly bean (all the colours of the rainbow) that put a stop to racism in New Zealand!  I sculpted each piece using polymer clay and painted them with acrylic.

After selling out of polymer clay magnets I decided to make a set out of wool felt as well. A little different but equally charming if you ask me.

Love Robot Charms

Cell phone charms seem to be a thing of the past, but these hand sculpted and painted robot charms still have a special place in my heart. I made the first one as a special request from a friend of mine and ended up making a whole bunch. 

Felt Fun

Since you've made it all the way to the bottom of my products list I thought I'd add a few other fun items I've made from felt. First off we've got some xmas ornaments shaped like bacon! Everyone loves bacon right?

And finally we've got one item that I started my online selling with and have long since been retired (they are a ton of work and can't be reasonably priced for their effort) - felt finger puppets! Take a peek at this famous scientist crew (Newton, Curie, Einstein, Darwin, and Franklin). Much like my plush microbes, these babies came with fact cards so you can learn about your new toy! How geeky!

Well that seems to sum it up! I am always experimenting with new crafts and techniques and am sure to expand this list over the next few years. If you're ever interested in a specific, custom, or consignment item I encourage contacting me (email me at! I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by!