Monday, February 10, 2014

Feeling like Foliage

I couldn't help but fall in love with these darling (and quite odd) images from "urbans and indians" (link). Why yes - the website is in Dutch, but no need to translate if you're like me and mostly interested in the imagery. Take a gander:


Or perhaps you're into the larger fronds? 


or my personal fave...


It really makes be wish I had a series of these hanging in my house somewhere. Or maybe I need to crochet up some cacti costumes for Fraser and I to sport for a nice xmas card photo? Or heck - I may as well aim to dress up and send out silly wedding thank you cards because I am sure am taking a million years to send those out! Oh dear! That would require me finding my very much missing address book so first things first - plant costumes. It's all about the priorities. 


  1. That is very silly and very awesome. I love it! It's good to see you back too, Kate! ^___^