Sunday, June 15, 2014

New Goals

It's official - I have been motivated enough to create two wonderful new goals for myself! How lovely!
They are as follows:

Goal 1. Recreate this beautiful piece of lumpy succulent joy (on the cheap):


I'm thinking to fulfill this goal I will scavenge the thrift shops for some sort of neato jello mold, spray paint said mold,  then string that baby up and fill it with love (also known as dirt and potentially hard to kill plants). It's a plan!

Goal 2. Blog more. 

I will let you know how things go with the goals...or you know, I won't if I fail at that second one...


  1. Oh, I love it! I actually found a similar looking pan at the op-shop yesterday - pity I didn't get it! ^___^

    1. I've been looking at thrift shops for suitable jelly molds but they all have holes in the middle which kind of wreck the whole hanging plant deal. The lookout continues!

  2. That is awesome! You know what it kinda looks like it is made of? Those little plastic easter eggs...I bet those would be super cool glued together. ;)

    1. I might have more luck finding plastic easter eggs than a jelly mold at this point. I've checked out all the shops in my area with no luck. I'm not giving up though...I WILL make this project happen!