Friday, October 9, 2015

crochet amanitas!

With fall in full swing and winter around the corner (ack!) I've caught a wicked crochet bug and even though I am attempting to prep up for my next craft show (eep! less than 3 weeks away!), I really want to get my hook out and make up some cute things - like these (link):

Oh man - add a little wide eyed smile on these and I'm sold.  Maybe I will get ahead on my crafty prep and me able to whip up some happy little amigurimi pals to sell at my booth too! What a thought! Have you ever knit/crochet for profit? Is it ever actually worth it (other than fun of course)?


  1. They are SO cute! I think that, for me, I am so slow at knitting and crocheting that I could never ever make a profit if I sold anything so I just stick to making gifts ^___^ I have brought other people's yarn creations though - I paid $45 for an amigurumi bunny which everyone thought I was nuts for, but I recognise how much effort goes into them so I rather think I got myself a good deal ^____^

  2. I feel like Lisa is right. If you have buyers that appreciate and know the effort that went into something then you could make a go of selling it. I hear a lot about making patterns and selling them though. Maybe it is more profitable over time that way. And besides, those who appreciate the time it would take to make something are probably people that find joy in making something.