Thursday, November 9, 2017

Life Update

It has been quite the busy time around here so I thought I should take a moment and give you an update on what is going on with me.  Evelyn!  In January I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl (Evelyn or Evie for short) and she has been completely taking over our lives.  She's now just over 9 months old and I am trying so hard to get things back on track.  She can be quite the happy distraction though - check our her monthly montage:

Such a happy girl!  I'm currently spending any spare time I do have prepping for the three holiday craft markets I've signed up for (in the summer when I figured I'd have more free time by now....errr....right...).  I meant to post my list of markets sooner (i.e. before the first one) but better late than never:


Woo! One down two to go! The first one went pretty well considering I took my baby away from her usual schedule and home for 10 solid hours and she didn't totally lose it. Plus she discovered how much she LOVES the magic wands I make:

Adorable right? (I know, I'm biased).  So two more markets to go and we will see how I am doing about opening up the Etsy shop again.  My crafty hiatus has been much longer than I expected, but that's how life goes sometimes.  I am always available by email with any craft requests or special orders though so keep that as an option if you're hankering for some Kate-made goods. Hooray!  

Currently I'm brimming with crafty ideas and super short on time.  I get maybe two hours of work time in a day (when Evie is in bed), but usually that is prime showering/eating time making that work window all the shorter.  One day she probably won't be as much work (or as likely to want to eat everything I try to make) but that's a ways off I imagine.  Ah well.  She is one smiley, happy, chill, and charming little girl bringing sunshine and giggles into every day!  Welcome to the world Miss Evelyn! You've forever changed my life for the better (and slightly less crafty)! Yay!


  1. She's so lovely! And looks like she's full of so much spirit and fun! As the Mama to a five and three year old, it does get easier. And then harder, but easier again. :) I've learned to just embrace the cycles and remind myself that it won't last forever. The most important thing is to not forget to take care of yourself as well. Good luck at your shows!

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