Sunday, August 18, 2013

Where did the summer go?

Oh my! How did we get this far into August already? It's pretty safe to say my summer has been an insanely busy whirlwind of craziness and if I were to live somewhere with a cute wood table and goat it is certain this would be happening:


Ok, so I am well aware it isn't aseptic technique to have an ungulate on the kitchen table but life is flying by so quickly that those goats can get away with murder around me lately.  What have I been up to these last few weeks? Let's list it out:

- suffer and try to heal up from an epic case of costochondritis
- jump around to different doctors trying to figure out how to heal me
- finally get back to my family doctor in Kamloops and start physiotherapy
- frantically try to finish up renovations on our new condo (while not over exerting myself as to not make my illness worse)
- continue to live out of suticase and not go completely insane because of it
- plan and prepare for one crafty wedding
- get married and have said crafty wedding reception/celebration
- go on wonderful 10 day honeymoon with my new husband
- get back to Victoria and attempt to pack up 1500 square feet worth of stuff so it can be moved to our new (not finished) condo in Kamloops at the end of August
- head back to the condo to continue living out of a suitcase with all of our stuff in the one semi finished bedroom while we try to finish the rest of the house
- continue with icing, medication, and physio to help my poor costal cartilage
- spend a week babysitting my two nieces that I only get to see once a year (oh and visiting with my sister too!)
- get ready to go off medical leave and start work again!

WHEW! I'm sure I'm missing something in there but it is safe to say I have been extremely busy! Oh, and things aren't actually slowing down either. What's next on the agenda:

- finish condo renovations (ack!)
- move all those lovely packed boxes sitting in Victoria to our new condo in Kamloops (ugh)
- turn 29 (double ack!)
- spend what I'm sure will feel like the rest of my existence unpacking all those boxes (oh dear!)
- live happily ever after (hooray!)

Yep. I'm going to remain optimistic and say the house will be completed and organized before xmas and once things start to slow down I will have more time for sharing my crafty life endeavours here on the blog! Heck - I may even get around to doing my own craft project one of these days! What a thought! So how has your summer been? What have I been missing out on?


  1. don't go ack-ing 29, I'm 30 and that is just down right rude :P

    hope you're feeling better and it all comes together!

    1. Tanya - I've decided I will be turning 29 for at least the next 4 years! It's a flawless plan I'm sure...

  2. You're back! I was wondering what you have been up to!

  3. Yay! It's good to see you back! ^_^