Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Craft Show Progress

Well the summer market season seems to be sneaking up on us (or at least me)! I have applied (and been accepted) to do the farmer's markets here in town but am still working on getting my booth set up worked out (and making enough stock to actually have a decent table).  My goal was to have my first market be June 13th, but that is actually scarily close since I still need to:

1. Make a cazillion crafts to sell
2. Sew up new table cloths since my old ones are extra sad
3. Have Fraser make me 4 or 5 new displays (ok. so that isn't really something I have to do...but I can't really do the market without a proper set up).

I suppose I could go unprepared but that isn't in my personality so an attempt at perfection will have to do and I will hopefully get it all going by the end or June at least.

In other market-y news I've applied to the Kelowna Etsy Made in Canada show for September! Last year they had 3000+ attendees and I would love to get in on that action! Look how thrilling that poster is:

That being said - if it is such a hot event I really hope I get chosen to be a vendor!  I have been on Etsy since 2008 and have a pretty unique line of products (science goods aren't the norm at these things) but I don't want to get my hopes up too high incase I don't get chosen.  Actually - if I don't get chosen I think I'd want to go to the market anyways and see why I didn't make the cut. Is that some level of self-torture? Potentially. But here's to hoping I get in...

In the meantime I will keep slaving away on crafty projects to build up that inventory! Anyone want to come help me? 

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