Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pond Watching

A few weeks ago when my good pal Jim was visiting we spent a few mornings down at the park playing with my aerobie disc (which, unlike most objects I can successfully throw and catch).  The park we went to was the one by my parent's house which has three great baseball fields and a nice nature reserve pond to check out.  After a few hours of aerobie-ing I'd always want to go look at the pond and try to identify all the birds (which I'm pretty sure Jim finds annoying) and check out any babies that may be swimming around too! To my surprise this visit involved identifying more than just bird species! Take a peek:

Do you see him there? That adorable little furry mammal creature? Here's a more obvious picture:

Haha! Hello little swimming muskrat! The picture really doesn't do him much justice but let me tell you - he was ridiculously adorable (especially as far as rodents go)! What fun! I will have to keep going back and seeing if there are any new species to spot as the spring and summer months go on. So how about you? Do you ever dabble in wildlife identification?

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