Thursday, August 13, 2015

Review: Start Where You Are - a journal for self-exploration

It's time for more book reviews and today I'm bringing you a beautiful and inspiring new book called "Start Where You Are - a journal for self-exploration" by Meera Lee Patel.  (Available now on amazon (link) and worldwide at awesome book stores).  I'm totally swooning over Meera's watercolours and the cover of the book is no exception:

This interactive book features all sorts of amazing full-colour inspiring quotes and sayings that on their own would be fun pinned up or framed in my craft room!  I apparently need to explore watercolours more often because these washes and lettering are just perfectly imperfect:

To be honest, the first thing I did when I got the book was flip through and read the left hand page quotes and drawings - but after that initial excitement was finished I read the right hand pages and started to work on the journal part of the book.  Although I am certainly not a novice to self-help type media, I am super impressed how much this book made me reflect on my life in a different way.  It encourages creativity and lets you explore what matters most to you.  Yep - sounds a little cheese balls...but I am all over stuff like that. Here are a few example pages:

Pretty cool hey? As with most journaling experiences the book got quite personal pretty quickly so I was feeling a bit hesitant plastering my inner thoughts on the internet - but I got over that pretty quickly.  If you're appalled at my thoughts then perhaps you should reconsider reading this? Here are a few pages I found particularly powerful:

My verdict on the book? It made me feel inspired to become a better person, more creative, and ready to conquer any challenges life faces me with. Seriously though - it was that good.  

So what do you think? Do you ever dive into self-help journaling? Has it changed the way you look at things? And while we're at it - what advice would you give yourself as a child? 

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