Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I usually stray away from crochet projects in the summer months (I feel like yarn crafts are more of a fall/winter thing) but this amazing hanging monster basket (link) may have to be an exception:

Isn't he adorable? Just the right amount of usefulness and quirk to fit in perfectly in my house! Plus if you add some pipe cleaner/pom pom antennae he would be surprisingly reminiscent of the yip yip aliens from 1970s Sesame Street: 


If you don't currently have the "yip-yip-yip" song in your head right now, you've been missing out on some seriously memorable muppets! I guess you'd need to add a few tentacles to get the full yip-yip effect - but if you're just digging the monster part you can also make this smaller, one-eyed version: 

Isn't he darling? I feel like they would come in super handy too! Some uses that immediately come to mind for my home:

1. put it on the back of the bathroom door to hold the hair clips I always seem to lose in drawers (especially helpful since I usually go grabbing for them when I'm washing my face and can't see a single thing without my glasses on)

2. hang him by the front door or hallway closet to hold spare keys (or a dog leash if you're a pet owner)

3. put it up inside of a kitchen cupboard to stow away the kazillion grocery bags I plan to reuse (but usually just hoard)

4. let me keep your favourite few scarves in easy reach in your closet


5. who actually cares what he is used for - he's adorable. You could find a use....believe me...

Have I sold you yet? (It's a pretty awesome deal for a mere $2.99 on Ravelry (link)) Do you at least fondly remember the yip yips? Any thoughts? 

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