Monday, May 6, 2013

Sneaky Storage

As a kid I was always intrigued by those secret hiding place books. You know the ones with all the pages glued together with the hole cut out so you can hide your precious items inside and it just looks like a book from the outside? Well - those are great and all but I am still not impressed with the idea of painstakingly glueing all those pages together for a teeny tiny little secret compartment. I am however, extra excited about this larger (and substantially easier) book hiding spot tutorial from Sewing Barefoot (link):


Oh how pleasant! I may be extra drawn to this one based on the neutral colours and photography...but it seems like a much better take on the project! Now I just need to find myself some old books to masacre and we're set! Any thoughts? Do you have secret hiding spots in your home? 


  1. I was *obsessed* with secret hiding places as a kid - I loved old detective novels and was always trying to find hidden places so when my Dad built me a bookcase, he added in a secret compartment for me ^_^ I still love it!

  2. This is wonderful. I love all the goodies you find for us. Now off to get the instructions for my secret hiding space...