Tuesday, May 14, 2013

wooden washi

I'm always looking for fun inventive ways to use my new favourite crafty supply (washi tape!) and these washi wooden pendants fit that bill just perfectly! Check it out:

Yep - all you need to do is get something to cover, rip and snip and design with your wonderful versatile tape, and *bam!* an amazing new one of a kind necklace to enjoy and wear! Not into the circle shape and ripped look? Not to worry - you can modify to meet your aesthetic needs! Heck - Ellie from  Love Ellie Belle (link) made her own neat chevron wooden washi pendant using scrabble tiles (link)! Sweet! This project is going straight on the "to craft" list for me - right after I work on healing and wedding prep (whew!)! What do you think? What kind of washi necklace would you go for? 


  1. square. no way I could fold the tape perfectly over the circle.

  2. If I could find a heart shape, that would be perfect ^_^ <3 washi!