Wednesday, May 8, 2013

White it is


I am super thrilled with all the thoughtful opinions some of you gave me on dying (or not dying) the wedding dress I found and after much debate - I've decided to do both! Ahha! I'm going to keep the dress white for the wedding (with some colourful accessories) and then after I'm done with the celebrating I can dye it for further use! Oh what a plan! There is no chance of me potentially messing up my miracle of a find dress and I still get to enjoy it as a fun colourful summer cotton dress in the future. Perfect!

Well not that we've sorted that out - I need to figure out the rest of my outfit! What kind of shoes are casual wedding celebration appropriate? Should I go for a ribbon or sash? What about accessories? Hair? Oh crud there are too many decisions...I don't know if I'm cut out for this. 


  1. Best of both worlds - awesome! ^_^ I don't know about the other details ... I wish that I had worn a birdcage veil at mine though, if that helps at all? ^_^

  2. lol weddings. stressing about sashes!

    white dresses are generally in for summer anyway, so you can wear it whenevs!