Thursday, May 14, 2015

Brass Studs

Over my two year crafting/blogging hiatus I came up with some fun projects to keep my idle hands busy.  Now that I'm trying to come back into the crafting and selling world I figure it is about time to share one of my favourite new items I've added to my crafty arsenal - brass stud earrings: 

The sparrows and little crosses are totally my favourites (hence using them as my first image) but I have loads of other designs to chose from too. Here is a little selection of the smaller sized studs (although now that I've been making them and selling them consignment for a year or so I have expanded the line even further):

I ended up dividing the earrings into two groupings (smaller and larger) and made two sizes of packaging to differentiate them.  Here are a few of the larger (thus slightly more costly) studs:

Aren't they fun? As always, I enjoyed coming up with a new packaging idea for these and had to branch away from my standard recycled kraft cardstock (which is brown) and went with some classic white card to make the gold colour pop.  I then stamped on a pale blue/green pattern for a bit of interest and put the url to my etsy shop on the back so people can find me if they're interested in the other goodies I make!  

I will definitely have to take some updated pictures of my entire selection of brass studs once I whip up another batch but (as you may have noticed) I've been super busy lately crafting up a storm! Now the only kink I have left to work out is how in the world I will display these at my craft booth.  I suppose I could just lay them neatly on the table but there is certainly a fly away risk with how light they are and if I tried to lay the whole lot of them out my table surface would be monopolized with just the one item! Oh dear! 

What are your thoughts? Do you have a favourite pair? Any suggestions for future designs? 


  1. I love those bees!! Let me know when you have a set available for purchase, I will totally buy a set.

  2. These brass stud earrings look amazing! It's always a good thing to keep busy and to continue making stuff. It can help get one’s creative juices flowing, so that you can come up with more ideas on what to make next. Anyway, it was a nice touch to add your Etsy URL at the back of those stamped white cards. They’re like mini calling cards that way. Good luck with your future projects!

    Madeline Rice @ SEO Marketing Machine

  3. My favorite pair is the starfish. I think all of these brass earrings are just lovely and I'm so impressed that you make them yourself. I also sell lightweight items at my local farmers market. I have found desk organizer trays to be helpful, I can put different things in each compartment and the sides of the tray reduce the risk of fly-a-ways.