Monday, May 25, 2015

Morse Code Bracelets

I feel like summer is prime bracelet season as our sleeves are slowly disappearing and my cardigans move from full length sleeves to three-quarter length! (I know, I'm wild like that).  Well these tiny morse code seed bead bracelets from Honestly WTF (link) are just perfect:


Aren't they fun? I love how she has them all stacked and all the fun colour options you have! Plus (most importantly) I have all the supplies at home already! Woo! my seed beads aren't quite as fancy (they're not little cylinders, they're little balls) - but sure to do the trick regardless. Plus the whole line-dash-line morse code element is extra cute and sneaky. How many people are actually going to know what your wrists are saying? Looks like the perfect simple ladies craft night project! Anyone in with me?

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