Monday, November 9, 2009

Loss of Pigment

Is it just me or did fall come by way too quickly this year? I can't believe I'm already longing for a good (well spf protected) soak in the sun and we haven't even hit winter yet! Or how quickly I lost all the pigment in my skin - which as a red-head isn't say much i know - but still...I'm noticeably translucent and it's only the beginning of november! Ack!

Maybe it's time I really need to admit to being a 78 year old hiding in 25 year old shoes and migrate south for the winter. At least then my joints wouldn't be acting up so much and I've already got the tea drinking and old lady crafts down so it's an eventual step. Unfortunately, that isn't really plausible anytime soon for me, but in the meantime anyone up for canasta?


  1. No, but I'll play you a game of crib any day of the week. We'll play in Florida, while complaining about the music young people listen to these days.

    See you next week?