Saturday, November 21, 2009

What a Productive Day of Interent-ing!

As you all probably know, lately I've been heavily obsessed with researching and promoting my etsy success. Amidst my attempts I've been spending quite a bit of time lately chatting with some fellow etsy-ers in the (new to me) chat rooms of the etsy community! They're a great place to promote your shop, check out other sellers, and get hot tips on getting sales on etsy.

Yesterday morning (instead of promptly hopping out of bed and tackling my monster to do list) I spend a good 4 hours following the insights of some successful experienced sellers and have dived into the world of etsy promotion outside of this blog.

What does that entail you ask? Two things:

1) Facebook Fan Page - that's right! let's milk off the popular social phenomenon that facebook has become! I've been told it's great for networking with teen and young adult demographic (conveniently where I fit in?) and is good for stirring up feedback on new items and such. I'm really hoping to get more than 100 fans so the terrible URL they gave me will magically transform into a nicer (substantially fewer random numbers) one! So tell your friends and fan me - I'm even planning a few extra surprises for fans in december!

2) Twitter - yet another popular trend racing across the nation! (although I'm pretty sure it's way bigger in the southern - not canada - part of this nation, but whatev). If random etsy strangers tell me it's a good idea I figure it's at least worth a try. How long until I'm either ridiculously addicted or in hate with it? Hmm..time will tell...

So far so good too! I've made $67 worth of sales since I started these endeavors and clearly it's a direct result. Ok. Probably not...but I prefer the illusion...


  1. So far so good - although I've been told it's likely I will both hate AND be addicted to it soon enough. I've found out about some cool sites from it though...