Monday, January 14, 2013

a little washi goes a long way

Since the gift giving season is long past, I figure now is the perfect time to share one of my favourite vintage fair finds I picked up for Hetty!  I was especially pleased with this little thrifted treasure and once I brought it home and washed it up it was as good as new! Since I was giving it away I thought I had better give it some snazzy presentation and a little recycled card, stamp, and washi tape later it was packaged and ready for go:

Oh boy does a little washi tape ever go a long way when it comes to presentation. That stuff is just wonderful! Hetty appreciated my presentation efforts (or...well...I figure she did anyways...) and is sure to give this little bow pin a new loving home! Hooray! Have you thrifted anything amazing lately? 


  1. I still don't have any washi...and when I see yours I'm completely envious!

    1. They sell washi at michaels now! Make sure you bring a coupon though - that stuff is pricey!

  2. Looks good! I love washi ... on everything! ~_^

  3. I haven't thrifted in a while, and boy am I dying to peruse random treasures.

    I've postponed getting into washi tape because I've heard it can become an obsession... But I'll give in to it soon enough —it's just too charming!