Thursday, January 17, 2013

Have you met Pudge?

Since I've been a little distant these last few days you may be wondering what I'm up to. Well besides getting over this never ending stomach flu and newly arrived sinus infection (woo woo) I've also been attempting my wedding planning! That's right - as soon as xmas was over it was time to buckle down and figure out some tying the knot type festivities and so far it involves a whole lot of pom poms. I'm also working with Heather to come up with some fun hand drawn invitations and it's been great fun looking through fonts and deciding on printers (hint - this one may involve squirrels)! Even though I have very high hopes of eliminating all the stress in my life and focusing on just being happy (like in my big long resolution post) I am finding the list of wedding type things I need to get done grow and with it so does my stress level! Oh dear!

My solution? MORE KITTIES! Bring on some good ol' fuzz therapy and luckily the internet (in this case - pinterest and instagram) are right at my fingertips to meet all my kitty needs. Hooray! I quickly came across one hilariously adorable exotic shorthaired cat and although I used to be pretty anti "those smooshed faced cats", Pudge the cat (link) has certainly changed my ways. Here are a few of my favourites:

 and just when you didn't think it could get any Pudge: 

(source for all the Pudge pictures!) 

Ahahaha! Isn't Pudge the best? Those eyes, that mustache, that name, those grumpy "I'm going to murder" you expressions? Oh my! I'm not sure how I managed to miss out on this kitty before but she's sure to perk up even my most stressed out days. How are things on your end? Do you need more Pudge in your life too? 


  1. I think that I could definitely use more Pudge in my life! I wonder if he's really angry or just using it get attention?

  2. Aww cuteness xxx

    Not as cute as my kitty though :P

  3. Awwww, so cute! The last three photos are my favourites (I couldn't pick just one!)

  4. oh my goodness - if ever i were to get a kitty again..i would want a pudge.. my one kitty mya - who has now been gone 6 years (i dont know how thats possible that shes been gone that long..) she was crazy furry- her hair went everywhere and she had 7 toes on each of her front feet- it was awesome! it honestly looked like she wore fuzzy mittens. some day i will have to do a post about my two kitties who have since departed but were such a HUGE part of my life and heart... that will be one sad post... alright need to look at pudge so i dont get too sad before going in to work this morning!

  5. this is pretty much the only cat i would care to pet.

  6. Apparently trying to Be Happy makes us unhappy. Check out this article:

    For reals. It's interesting. And may make "reducing stress and being happy" stop being one of your goals.

  7. Ha! Presentday Pudge reminds me of Saul Tigh from Battlestar Galactica.
    Stern and partially surprised... :)