Friday, January 25, 2013

Oh no you didn't!

Since Fraser has been trying extra hard to cut out all refined sugar in his diet I attempt to be supportive. Sure I love myself a little sugar binge once in a while but find if I can resist the temptation in the store it's easy to live without it. That is...until they bring candy corn out for Valentine's Day:

Oh dear! You know I can't say no to the delicious wonders of candy corn! How sneaky of your candy makers to conveniently change the colours to be more Valentines-y! What a delicious surprise! And since this time of year also means the arrival of one of my other seasonal favourites (cinnamon hearts) I think February 14th may just be a little extra exciting this year! Hooray! What are your favourite candies? Any seasonal faves like me? 


  1. I like any kind of gummy candy, but my favourites are those frogs, eggs, and coke bottles. Mmmm, candy.

  2. Oooo, they look so yummy! Seasonal candy isn't really a big thing in Australia, but I love watermelon bubble gum - it tastes like summer ^_^

  3. WHAT THE EFF??? Are those cinnamon flavoured candy corns, making them the best thing in the history of creation?!?!?!?!