Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day Embroidery

As I'm sure most of you are well aware - Father's Day is this Sunday! I always have a hard time finding something for my dad so instead of my usual "here's a gift card buy something specific I would have no idea you would ever want" deal, I thought I'd make something for him instead! Since my wonderful Pops is an avid fly fisherman and mayfly enthusiast I thought I'd mix the two with some free hand fly embroidery:

Hooray! It turned out pretty well I think and should look nice hanging with his other fishing themed pieces above his fly tying desk. Here's a close up shot so you can soak up all the fake mayfly fish tricking wonders:

Yay! Here's to hoping he likes it! What are you doing for Father's Day this year? Ever successfully make something nice for your dear old dad? 

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  1. Your embroidery looks great, Kate! In Australia Father's Day isn't until September so I have a while to plan something for my dad ^_^ I think my dad's favourite handmade present was when I made him a fruit and nut cake that was the same shape, weight, and density as a brick. I'm not sure if he ate it or used it as a part of a wall, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right? ~_^