Monday, June 3, 2013

my life lately

As it turns out, my spot of unfortunate illness has done wonders for my wedding planning! I've been enjoying all the handmade crafty ideas out there on the internet and have been collecting them in one heck of a wedding pinterest pinboard! Check out how it is coming along so far:


All this time resting and healing has finally given me the chance to browse wedding ideas and has left me  ultra occupied with planning out our upcoming casual celebration and not a moment too soon since July will be here before we know it! Oh my! Fraser and I have already covered the wedding basics (venue, food, booze, guests) and just need to throw the decorating and final bits together to finish up with a lovely (and very crafty) party! Bring on the poms and thoughtful details!

In other news - all this illness and scheduling for the summer has forced me to make some tough decisions. After being set back so badly with sickness this spring and non stop flare ups since the winter I really need to put my health up on the priority list and will not be doing any craft shows this summer in Victoria. It is really a hard verdict to come up with since I love doing markets here but with my health, the wedding (and honeymoon), renovations, and moving going on I just can't put any more on my plate or my stress levels will make me burst! Oh dear! So it's decided - I'm taking the summer off markets and will start it up strong (hopefully) around the holiday season.  So in the meantime I can focus my energies on getting better - and after that - crafting up loads of fun for my wedding! It is a once in a lifetime event though - so I'm hoping to make it a good one! What do you think? Any wedding tips for me?


  1. I think that making your health your priority is a good idea - you definitely don't want to burst! I can't wait to hear all about your wedding - I am sure it will be wonderful! The best advice I can give is to accept that things won't be perfect, but at the end of the day you will be married to your perfect partner so really all the little things that may go wrong won't matter at all! Get well soon, Kate ^_^

  2. Yes... Lisa is right. No matter how organized you are, something at some point will go wrong and you just have to prepare yourself to roll with the punches. All that matters is that you are happily married at the end of the day.

    But, here are a couple things I was not prepared for at my wedding that I wish someone had warned me about:
    1)Claustrophobia - Our wedding reception was under marquee tents. The head table was right against the wall, and as the bride I was seated right in the middle with at least 3 people on either side of me and 150 people in front of me watching and taking pictures. There was no easy way out of my chair - I was stuck! I started hyperventilating and almost threw up. Once dinner was over and I could move around and mingle, it was much better.
    Advice: make sure you have lots of space around your chair and head table so you can safely and discretely go to the bathroom, or run away if your venue starts on fire.

    2)People will bombard you with questions all night long and expect you to make the right decisions on the fly. Where should we put this? We can't find that, what should we do? People are getting restless, should we start the music? With my terrible short-term memory and the pressure to have an answer for everything... long story short, I was ultimately the reason my mother-in-law missed our first dance. Ugh!
    Advice: if you can delegate someone to be the ceremony/reception manager and can handle all the little on the fly decisions so you don't have to, you should.

  3. Um, how about actually getting married at your wedding? I joke! I love that you're just having a reception.

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