Thursday, June 13, 2013

squirrel chair

Squirrels are most definitely my favourite rodents out there and this little teal squirrel chair is just darling:

Isn't he the cutest? Mini squirrel furniture certainly adds to the squirrel appeal if you ask me - but I've already proclaimed my love for these little fuzzy creatures so I may be bias. I do however, not appreciate them as much when they are throwing pinecones at our roof in the wee hours of the morning at the lake...but I can still appreciate their adorableness right? How about you? What is your favourite rodent? 


  1. I have never seen squirrels but I wish we had them here! are rabbits rodents? i had a bit of a rabbit craze when i was younger

  2. Ha ha, oh my gosh, that is too cute! I don't think there are any squirrels in Australia, except at the zoo. I wish there were though. I think apart from squirrels, beavers are probably my favourite rodents ^_^