Thursday, April 2, 2015

Another brilliant idea I should have thought of years ago.

Kamloops is a ridiculously windy city.  I love the mild temperatures, lack of humidity, and amazing views but must admit I am not into the wind.  Sure wind can be fun when you're kite flying at the park but mostly it just annoys my ears, messes up my hair, and gives me a headache whenever I'm out walking in it. Well! Fraser came up with a brilliant idea to help my sore ear problem while walking! Tada!:

Yay! Headphones that cover pretty much my entire ear! I can't believe I didn't think of this ages ago but it is the perfect solution.  Now as the temperatures get warmer (and toques are way too warm and out of the question) I can still go out and enjoy my neighbourhood without causing major ear soreness!  I was using those little ear bud headphones on my walks - but the outside of my ears would get so cold with the wind it would still bother me and cause earaches.  Then I tried ear buds with a wide hair band but still no luck.  These headphones work wonders for my ear pain and look somewhat normal when I'm out walking. Plus I can pretend I'm a DJ? Ok. so that's grasping a bit...but I am really excited about these headphone and love avoiding earaches!  Yay! 

This set didn't break the bank either! I did a bit of research (ok...I computer savvy pal Jim sent me some websites to look at) and I wanted to get something that was comfortable, sounded ok, but was still under $75.  Even though I loved the Bose $200 seafoam pair from Future Shop - I opted for this Sony pair from Costco.  It was about $50 and fit my giant head with zero pinching or painful spots.  Sounds like a deal to me! I love them!

So how about you? Do your ears loathe the wind as much as mine do or am I just weirdly over sensitive? Do you ever sport the giant headphone look? 


  1. I have a pair of massive headphones too! Mine are purple with LSP on them and I adore them, except I can't wear my earrings with them since they push them into my head. Ouch! The wind usually hurts my eyes more than my ears, I don't know if that's normal ... perhaps we are all just weird in different ways ^____^

    1. Oh man! I wish I found LSP headphones! I saw a pair of kids ninja turtle ones but I'm haven't really been into the TMNT since about 1992 so I wasn't about to purchase them.