Monday, April 13, 2015

Polymer Clay Pendants - playing with lines

As usual, I had good intentions to get lots of blog posts done for last week and then somehow ran out of time and didn't write a single one.  Instead I took the lovely (sarcasm - I got so sick) 10 hour drive with my parents up to Telkwa/Smithers for a surprise visit with my sister and my adorable little nieces!  I guess I was so busy playing with my favourite 2 and 4 year olds that blogging got thrown on the back burner. I did however have a whole week's worth of scupley pendant necklaces to show you so I will share them this week instead!

These necklaces were super fun to make and I really enjoyed using the custom paints I mixed up in little pots (link) as my go to colour palette!  The painting ended up being the longest and most time consuming step - but making the pendants themselves was pretty simple. Here's my process:

1) Sculpt some pendant shapes from polymer clay (My personal fave is Sculpey) and make sure to make a hole in there so you can attach it to the necklace later

2) Bake said clay according to the package instructions

3) Let them cool and give them a light sand to remove any lumps or fingerprints

4) Paint them up with acrylics and when you're satisfied with your creation - cover it with a coat of varnish. I voted for matte varnish for these guys. Let dry and cure for 24 hours or so.

5) Attach a jump ring through the hole you made

6) Add a necklace string! I went with a waxed cotton cord for these ones and tied them with an adjustable slip knot fastener so you can easily adjust how long you want your necklace to tie.

7) Enjoy! Hooray!

Here are the first few I have to show you (part of my "playing with lines" series):

Yay! I am such a fan of lines and blocks of colours and like the geometric feel of these beauties and can imagine wearing each of them to top off many outfits.  I however do not plan on keeping the plethora of necklaces I made and instead will list them in my etsy shop which I (really really) hope I can get organized enough to open up again soon - but I might be tempted to keep a few.  Which is your favourite? Any ideas on pricing? 


  1. They are lovely, Kate! My favourite is the one on the right; that colour combination really speaks to me! As for pricing, I have very little idea. I'm a firm believer in making sure crafters are earning a reasonable hourly rate (it is so depressing to discover that you're paying yourself $2/hour -____-) but, if I saw these at a craft fair for around $40, I would think that reasonable. I don't know if that helps at all though!

    1. That is very helpful Lisa! I feel like I've been out of the "crafting to sell" market for so long I don't know what things are going for these days! It is so unfortunate when people don't price items taking into account the time they put in - not only are they short changing themselves, but they're also setting unrealistic low prices for other makers out there trying to make a living!

  2. Sanding! Why have I never considered that step before? Brilliant!