Monday, April 20, 2015

sort of flat clay beads

Well I may have finished sharing my Sculpey pendant necklaces I made, but I made some other polymer clay necklaces too - this time with handmade beads! It seemed like a natural transition from pendant charms to beads and although these flat beads are far from perfect, I am totally digging the imperfection of them. Take a peek:

Hooray! Colour blocked and stacked bead necklaces! Once again I used some waxed cotton cord to string these onto and tied them with adjustable slip knots so they can be different lengths super easily!  I did learn one lesson quite quickly once I finished sanding, painting, and varnishing them...I didn't make the bead holes big enough and ended up having to bead ream the heck out of them to get them threaded on my strong! Oy! I will know better for next time.  Here's another close up so you can see their wobbly perfection:

Yay! I love them! They were insanely time consuming to make so I only ended up with the two of them - but that just makes me love them even more! Any thoughts? Have you ever made clay beads before?

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  1. They look really cool Kate! The palms of my hands have started aching a bit thinking about all the clay you would have had to condition and roll and flatten ... I can tell a lot of work went in to those! But they are lovely, and I think the slight wonkiness just makes them look more organic, and handmade, and wonderful.