Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Earring time

The next polymer clay craft I have to share with you is 100% inspired by me wanting to wear my custom acrylic colour pot colours (link).  What better way to add a tiny touch of your favourite colour to any outfit than with some nice stud earrings! Ok...so there are probably lots of ways to incorporate colour to an outfit that doesn't involve your ear lobes, but I am a sucker for simple studs. Check out my Sculpey earring creations:

How fun! At first I was having trouble getting two little flat circles to be the same size until I started just making a tiny ball of clay and then cutting it in half to get two equal sized portions. These are totally everyday earrings for me and am super stoked with how they turned out. Here's a hand shot for size reference:

I also decided to do some with matte varnish and some with satin so you get a different look depending on what you're going for. And on a related note - these are incredibly sturdy little earrings. How do I know this you may ask? Well I accidentally stepped on a pair which seemed on par with stepping on a lego piece (there may have been cursing involved) and the earrings remained perfectly intact! I take product testing to a whole new level apparently...


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