Friday, April 24, 2015

my new colour obsession

So after sharing all my sculpting and painting projects to you for the last few weeks I wanted to take a moment to tell you about my new favourite (in fact - I feel quite obsessed with) paint colour I mixed. It is used on both of these necklaces below - any guesses on which beads I'm swooning for? 

 Actually, I'm not totally sure these pictures do it justice - but it is the "mustard-y slightly olive green sort of ugly in a cool way" colour! Check it out: 

Yay! It seems to keep popping up in loads of the mid century modern designed homes I love looking at and really like how even though it is sort of an odd duck of a colour, it is still nice and muted and neutral.  I'm not about to wear it head to toe by any means (it isn't the best for bringing out skin tone), but I'm loving using it in little doses to add some interest to my jewelry!

Speaking of obsessions and jewelry - I've finally finished sharing all the different necklaces I have made and found a nice group photo in my camera roll to show you:

I certainly didn't intend on making 23 different necklaces when I brought my craft supplies out, but inspiration hit so there you go! I thought it would make a nice conclusion to my sharing series with you and a nice conclusion to the week too! Happy Friday! 

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