Monday, September 14, 2009

More free time please?

So I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to the internet. It has come to the point where I get up two hours early for those already painful 5 am shifts just so I have enough to get my morning dose of internet goodness so I can make it through the day (and believe me - I am not a morning person). My bookmarked lists grow exponentially but nothing has built my obsession quite as much as etsy.

Etsy has become the ultimate time thief, guilty of stealing a good chunk of my life away from me. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing, I mean retail therapy is quite thrilling and etsy is filled with awesome handmade inspiration! The gift guide section alone is insanely influential making me crave everything I really don't need, specifically referencing weddings and vintage footwear. Etsy fuels my love for crafting and has single handedly remodeled my spare time. This craft revolution has excited me to take on new projects, do it myself, and learn every handicraft known to man. I've saved at least a hundred tutorial links and bought a plethora of craft books (online of course). My current object of desire is a sweet convertible scarf from KnotOriginal's etsy shop (which I conveniently spotted in the geekery gift guide - imagine that).

I love everything about this scarf! Love the colours, love the versatility, love the chunky acrylic wool blend and wooden buttons. I'm so into this item that I droned on about it over drinks with wendy and lucas. Clearly my life is not complete without this, or so I'd like to think for at least another week or so until something new comes along. I'm thinking if I'm still obsessed about it when I come back from my trip to Victoria in a few weeks I'll try to recreate my own version. Now all I need is time, money, and to magically learn how to knit. Minor details.

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  1. my naaaaaaaame!!! i'm famous!