Saturday, September 12, 2009

Remember that other time when I only read the backs of cereal boxes?

Back when I was starting by etsy shop adventures, amidst bed rest recovery from chest surgery - so when I actually had time, I was super stoked on making coffee sleeves. Well I was actually excited about pretty much anything I could potentially sell on etsy, but sleeves were particularly appealing. I had grandiose plans of making tons of different designs then going to indie cafes with friends of mine where we could nonchalantly model them on our lattes be, like, the coolest people in existence.

I spent the next few weeks embroidering my life away (and struggling with that lousy french knot lesson my mom gave me) resulting in the birth of nine reusable coffee sleeve children (three sets of not quite identical triplets to be specific). I was so proud! Dinosaurs, caffeine, and DNA ecofriendly goodness that even had a cool little pocket to stash coffee cards or your weekly coffee budget. Seriously, so excited.

Spring turned to summer which turned to fall and at last I got my etsy shop started, branded (thanks quinn), and I posted my precious sleeve babies for adoption. Not too shortly after, they all sold out and I was back to my empty sleeve nest. *Sigh*

By the time I got around to maybe making more, I remembered how insanely time consuming that embroidery was and how annoying I find unmotivated sewing projects. So I guess being the coolest person in existence will have to be put on the back-burner for now, but I swear I'll get to that sweet love robot coffee sleeve one of these days lindsay...

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