Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No lowlights, only highlights

I'm pretty sure outdoor craft markets are the ultimate form of retail therapy. Sure I rave about the joys of my pajama clad internet spending sprees but despite popular belief, I do try to avoid being a hermit. However, not all markets are created equally, so old ladies with pot scrubbers and crocheted barbie clothes need not apply. I'm more of a fan of markets geared towards semi-urban awesome crafty smart indie women (which I very much pretend to be). I got the pleasure of visiting such an anomaly for two consecutive weeks amidst my September mini break! Behold - Victoria's Government Street Market:

One block of pure awesome held every Sunday (weather permitting) from 11 - 4. The streets are magically strewn with local handicrafts, many of which I drool over on etsy on a regular basis. It's like the stars align for a five hour period each week fulfilling all my crafty purchasing desires - and none of that delayed gratification bit either.

I've always wanted to dive into the wonderful world of craft market salesmanship (officially since quinn and I went to that craft fair in Vernon a few years back) but dipping my toes into the not so fast-paced world of online selling seems to leave me content for the time being. Plus it's probably a good thing I don't actually live anywhere near a market so cool because I'm not ready to admit how much money I spent there...

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