Friday, September 18, 2009

On the subject of lists...

I am a list fanantic! As I was explaining to nick the other night (amidst his first year sciences/work/life juggling dilemma), I'm fairly confident in saying that lists are the key to success in life. Seriously. They're great for keeping you super organized, perfect in brainstorming, awesome at allowing you to remain focused, and best of all you get the ultimate satisfaction when you can dramatically cross completed items off! So good.

I'm all about different lists for different purposes. My list of lists:

1) The perpetual list - These are the items that are pretty much ultimately unreachable to complete but nice to have on the back of my mind when I find some spare moments. Includes items like cleaning/laundry, exercise, crafting, and, you know, figuring out my career/rest of my life.

2) The daily tasks list - Sometimes this one turns into a "weekend tasks" list, but both have the same contents. Includes things like deposit cheques, pick up prescriptions/random item I feel necessary to purchase, make lunch for work, be an awesome pen pal, paint toenails, etc. These lists are usually the most satisfying because the tasks don't take very long to complete and you even get to crumple up the list violently when you're done!

3) The specialty list - You can find these scattered on post-its around my desk and are specific to certain tasks (i.e homework, packing, groceries, etsy shop). My crafting/etsy list evolves most rapidly depending on what I've convinced myself is the highest priority at the time and has become so specialized that in fact it's jumped from post-it to legal paper format (although I did get the joy of crossing off "start blog" not too long ago).

Perhaps everyone doesn't have to be quite so involved with the list making process as I am, but I do think they're great enough to ramble on about in this post (and yes, I did write a list of what I was going to talk about before publishing this). So next time you're feeling particularly stressed with life, try using a list. I know I would.

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