Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary Etsy shop!

Today marks the one year anniversary of my etsy shop and my shift towards crafting things for an actual reason! I fondly remember back when I started and would get super stoked about every sale and run to the post office as soon as I found out in sheer excitement...wait...I still do that. Hopefully my first year and 111 etsy sales has provided me with deep insight for the years to come.

My big etsy life lessons so far:
  • You can never be too prepared for the xmas rush
  • Stop making annoyingly time consuming items and then low-balling them
  • It's all about appearance - branding and photographs are as important as ever
  • Don't agree to making anything unless you actually want to make it. No one wants crafting to be "work"
  • Wide set eyes with a tiny smile make anything ridiculously adorable...seriously


  1. i love what your putting your energy into. im concerned about the awakening of everybody in the world and the potential that we all have embedded... or within. send you all my love. sounds hippy, i know!....

  2. I love etsy and Said the Whale. And love robots. Pictures probably do matter, eh?