Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Letters from Lindsay

One of my favourite past times from the last few years has been to indulge in the ever exciting world of penpalery. Letters are a great way to keep in touch with friends, stretch out my card creating and writing skills, support canada post, and receive wonderful non bill/spam related snail mail! I'm always up for adding to my pen pal list whenever someone moves away, even though we all know that isn't always too successful (oh, you know who you are epic fail penpals!).

So letter writing isn't for everyone - but it most certainly is for my most reliable pen pal lindsay! And the best part about lindsay mail is that it often involves wonderfully hand crafted cards that I promptly show off to whoever is close to me at the time of arrival! Well, today was one of those lovely lindsay mail days, and instead of bragging of the awesome cards to limited few, I'll show them off all her creations she's given me over the last few months! Neato!

I love the colours, textures, and witty banter she always seems to include in her fabulous post and she's recently taken her card making to the next level and opened up her own etsy shop called "the spotted sheep"! Here are a few of my favs she's put up for sale:

Keep it up linds! Oh and keep listing more cards - makes it much easier for me to be your number one (hopefully non- creepy) stalker...

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  1. Look! You didn't even need to tell me to read your blog this time!!!