Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More adventures in internet addiction

Lately I've been spending a lot of time searching through etsy's storque how-to's with the dual purpose of 1) the eternal strive to perfect my etsy shop and 2) gaining useful knowledge to share with my dear friend lindsay who is about to dive into the ambitious world of etsy selling! There are some pretty sweet helpful tidbits of awesomeness in there, hence their creation I'm sure.

Amidst all the wonderful online reading I discovered my most sleep depriving addiction yet - google analytics. Who knew google had such an amazing program that tracks site usage! I set it up for my etsy site and blog and have been consecutively staying up until midnight each night just so I can see how popular my sites were that day (right down to what pages were browsed, where the traffic came from, how long they spent there, and where in the world they came from). So cool! Best of all, all the lovely data goodness is displayed in pretty clickable charts and graphs! Seriously, the data is gorgeous, free, and completely insightful. Sweet deal. Here's a nice sample of the map overview of visitors from the last few days on my etsy site. I know, I'm drooling.

Although this discovery seems like a blessing, I'm starting to think it's going to drive me to insanity. Not only has it cut back on my precious (and integral to the health of my poor compromised immune system) sleep time, but now that I can actually see what is and isn't popular on my sites and have to confront the fact that a few things aren't actually popular. Sure I still love each and every part of what I create, but is a mother's love really enough? Isn't the whole perk of online selling how much easier it is to deal with online rejection verses actual rejection? *sigh* Deep breath. Now, only 23 more hours until I can see how popular this posting is...

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  1. I'll be your king if you'll be my queen
    The king and queen of French cuisine
    (Poutine Village)

    I think you should get addicted to CBC radio 3 so you can listen to bands like Doug Mason.