Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Robots need love too

This morning I got a pleasant emailing reminding me just how awesome robots are with a feature in an etsy treasury! And since clearly everyone needs to be further convinced of etsy's ultimate coolness, I encourage taking a peak! (Make haste though, it will only be around until the 8th).

In other news it appears that I've been listening to Dan Mangan's "robots" for the last three hours...so maybe check that out while you're at it. Consider it extra credit.

Update - I'm silly. Here is a picture of the treasury for your non-expiring viewing pleasure:


  1. You know, Robots need love, too.

    And they want to be loved by you.

  2. I love robots. I wonder who first created robots in the style of the pictures above.

    - Gino

  3. Robots need some Smithers love. Come visit!