Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A spout of productivity...

Have you ever noticed how when your days off roll around instead of getting actual tasks completed, the day just magically zips by and its back to work like always? Well the productivity gnomes were with me today, and despite my terrible state of health from yet another drug trial, I actually dented my to do list. Seriously.

So how did this all go down you ask? Fantastically! All because of the wonders of a little retail therapy (and ample list making - but that's a well described given). Nothing motivates more than a trip to the store for organizational totes! Plus I got to pick up some other necessities (bonus) which, by happenstance, made me look like the most stereotypically loser single woman in the checkout (yeah - totes, file folders, toothpaste, fine-tip sharpies, and cat treats - I rule). So day attacking tools in hand, I rushed home to spend my afternoon puttering away on my well crafted list.

Tasks completed include:
  • Finish and sort laundry
  • Unpack from Victoria (I know - that was like 2 weeks ago...)
  • Sort mountains of recycling
  • Organize etsy craft disaster zone
  • Sort penpalery/organize card making supplies
  • Clean! like...everything
  • Make mobile for button store display
  • Sketch in my year-long-sister-challenge journal
  • Update blog (which apparently I did times 3)
  • Socialize (times 3 again - go me!)
I've accepted that I'm one of those people who notices they have a million things to do and instead of just doing them procrastinates by cleaning/organizing everything. Well, apparently today it worked. Let's hope tomorrow is as successful...

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