Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Find: lacasadecoto

Today's find combines some of my favourite things - crochet, muted rainbow tones, and homemade decor! Yay! Check out the amazing crochet pouffes of Etsy's Lacasadecoto:


Aren't they neat? I've been swooning over knitted pouffes for a long while now, but it's nice to see such great crochet alternatives! Whip out a weekend of triple crochet, a whole whack of crochet cotton and you're set! Oh, and don't forget a lot of stuffing. Yup - probably easier to just order one online. What do you think?


  1. Ya - just support someone else's efforts to do this!!! Love the crocheted blanket in this pic too!!!

  2. How would they ship it to you? I would want it to be visible so that the post man would know I was ordering a crocheted pouffe.

    1. You must be busy with all of your crafting, and blogging! I love to see what you will be posting next.
      Mom xox

  3. I think I like the look of some of the knitted ones a little more, those the colours in these are amazing! You could always stuff the centre with apple juice cans like Grandma Jean's old footstool. Or maybe packing peanuts!

  4. These are GREAT! What fabulous colours! Jen x

  5. They look fantastic! And a good price too ... these are going on my birthday list asap! ^_^