Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Fox

We're almost nearing and end on my embroidery hoop reveals for the week and am I ever happy with how this one turned out! The colours really pop and its wee 3" form is just darling! Take a peek:

I know I keep saying this, but I feel like every time I make one of these I like it the best! They're like snugly little offspring I feel torn about ever selling off to a new home! But alas, more hoops can always make their way onto the horizon and I'm sure this little fox will be thrilled to hang in anyone's home.

I'm also finding that as soon as I make one hoop, I immediately imagine it in a set of three! Maybe it's all these years of pinback button set creating but wouldn't this be cute in a row with two other woodland friends?

Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself on making hoop sets - but if these little friends are a hit I'll certainly consider making some! What sort of designs would you like to see stitched and hanging on your wall? Would you be willing to make the investment in a set of three? Oh! And what do you think of wee foxy?


  1. This is my absolute favorite of all of them! I almost hope that he doesn't sell so we can put him up on the wall.

  2. Very cute! I think a triptych of woodland creatures would be very nice ... and I think I would make the investment for three yarn-y designs for the craft room ^_^

  3. OH MY I love love love the little foxy fox!

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