Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Morning Habits

Despite the fact that most locals here are describing the weather as a terrible wintry "June-urary", I have been loving every warm sunny moment that pops by! Sure they may not be as common as a typical June in Victoria, but sporadic or not - I think they sunny mornings are the best! In fact, warm bright mornings on my patio are my new addiction! Who wouldn't enjoy a quiet morning with this perfectly groomed view?:

It is so awesome to live in a building where I don't have to worry about hours of joint aching yard work but still get to enjoy the greenery! I even get visited by lots of wee little birdies and although you may need to strain to spot him in this shot, even the hummingbirds come to visit!:

I love the warmth of sun on my skin and the early morning rays are kind on my paleness. It has turned into quite the morning ritual - me, a sunny day, and a cup of earl grey. Perfection!

Of all the addictions, I'm happy to say this one has me hooked and each moment I get to relax on the patio feels like a mini vacation! Three cheers for more sunny days and new day off morning rituals! What sort of habits do you have for days off?


  1. I love sitting on the patio with you. I think my fav thing to do is go to the park and sit in the shade.

    1. I enjoy parks with benches. Shade is great anywhere but sitting on grass gives me a rash.

    2. I keep a blanket in my car for all of my grass separation needs. besides no body likes the imprint of grass on their thigh.

  2. My habits for days off are all bad ones - either not change out of my pyjamas all day or fill my day with things to do and wear myself out! Seems I'm a bit 'all or nothing'! Jen x

  3. on a totally unrelated note... when I first saw the picture with the tea on instagram, I thought it was tomato soup