Tuesday, June 5, 2012

no more chub rub!

With summer heat right around the corner there will be many tight-less days in my near future!  Since I'm not about to sacrifice my wardrobe of jersey skirts and dresses comes one unfortunate problem - chub rub. For all of you twigs out there that are fortunate enough to not suffer from this, it's the awful chaffing and uncomfortable rubbing you get between your inner thighs! Ack! The heat only makes it worse (and leads to rashes) and although this was a topic I dare never speak of in my younger days, I've realized that it is actually a common (and seldom discussed) issue! Oh, and getting older also apparently means being extra open about potentially embarrassing life problems. Well luckily a good pal of mine has found the perfect summer solution - Luvees:

Don't they look like an anti-chub-rub dream? Pretty, simple, and (best of all) have a breathable cotton inner panel to deal with that summer heat! Although I'm sure it will be a few weeks before I'm really praying for a pair of these in my undie drawer, they are certainly on my "to buy" list for the summer! In the mean time I'll stick to the 100% spandex (and 0% breathable) suction cup undies for my thighs. So the question is - have I just completely grossed you out with the idea of chub rub? Are you a silent sufferer (like the former me) dying for a solution? OoOo! Even better - do you have any other remedies I should try? Inquire minds want to know!

As an additional note - someone repinned these undies onto a "funny stuff" board and thought I was joking about how awesome I think they are. Nope, chub rub just isn't a laughing matter, and these undies look great! Hooray for solutions!


  1. This is a must purchase. have you ever read gabifresh? She is a plus sized fashion blogger and she uses this stuff http://www.etsy.com/listing/93899508/2-oz-secretshield-anti-chafing-stick
    I have to admit though, I wouldn't trust the stick to last. This would create the inevitable "you don't want to look in that pocket" scenario...

    1. I've tried powder before and there's nothing as sexy as "just a second I have to powder my sweaty thighs" during a walk in the park.

  2. Yay! Go you, being upfront about those important but taboo issues :D (actually not being sarcastic, though it might look it!) Jen x

  3. I have also tried the cream/powder to prevent chaffing. These look awesome though, thanks for sharing!

  4. My god I need these! And you're right, it is under discussed...I had no idea that I wasn't the only one with an issue! I love that they are cute too!

  5. I am that kind of lucky person that even when I was a size 8 (which is pretty small!) I still had thick thighs ... and the dreaded chub rub! >_< These undies look like a great solution though! And for the times when you need a fix *after* the chub rub has happened, I recommend pine tar lotion; it is the most amazing cream that makes your rash kinda numb and also makes it less swollen. It's also very good for other kinds of skin ailments ^_^



    I personally use the store brand "shapewear" from Fashion Bug (unfortunately their slightly more grown-up companion store, Lane Bryant, only seems to carry Spanx, which is TERRIBLE).

  7. intersting topic