Saturday, June 9, 2012

Heart Stash

The craftiness continues over at my house and these cute pins are no exception. Much like most of my projects, I've been planning (and brainstorming) on these for quite some time and decided to do my own take on Sew Tara's fabric covered bird brooches (link).  Sure gluing fabric to wooden shapes isn't exactly rocket science - but it is cute! Take a peek at my creations:

Yay! What a fun use for little bits of fabric! I really love being able to use up scraps and these pins are super fun to whip up! My process? Purchase, sand, paint, cut fabric, mod podge, varnish, glue bar pin! Sounds simple enough right? Here's another look so you get an idea on their size: 

OoO that gold houndstooth is darling and I really enjoyed challenging my paint mixing/colour matching skills a bit! I wanted to go for a more finished look so painting was a must (plus I didn't want you to see raw wood from the side). I also figure they will be more impervious to moisture since that wood is sealed in. Here's the back:

I'm thinking about making a nice batch of these to put in a bowl at my craft booth and hopefully everyone will like them as much as I do! Any idea on pricing? I'm always up for suggestions on that end...

In other fabric covered brooch related news, I decided to whip up a non-heart shaped version to wear with my very nautical looking navy and white striped jersey dress. Themed outfits are totally cool right?

Anchors are making a much deserved comeback in the accessory world and I'm ready to jump on the trend train (er...ship?). What do you think?


  1. They look wonderful! I am drawn to the anchor. Mom

  2. I love the anchor. How do you get the fabric to curve around the edges so well?

    1. Great question! I struggled with the edge problem for a while and decided to just put fabric on the top surface and painted the sides to match. Maybe I'll make my own DIY instructions when I make the next batch

  3. Ooh they are lovely! Such a net finish and really really cute! Jen x

  4. I love these! I could see them in a bowl as a toonie special, or three for 5 dollars? If you want them to sell sell sell- 1 dollar will make them fly out the door.

  5. I love these! I would wear the heck out of that hounds-tooth heart! ^_^