Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wooden Acorns FTW

 I'm officially in love with painting wooden pieces and turning them into accessories and after my first four projects (link, link, link, and link) I'm onto another one! Behold! Painted wooden acorn necklaces:

Yay! I spent ages trying to find wooden acorns back in 2010 for a gilded ornament project I had high hopes for (link) and after years (literally) of searching I finally found some! With xmas decorating on the back burner and crafts I can fill my booth with this summer on the agenda - it was time to get out the hand drill, the paints, and some more cording! Here's a closer look at one:

These babies are very similar to the mushroom pendants I made a few days ago (link) and go with rustic woodland-wood theme with an easily adjustable cord. I also went for some "not quite found in nature" muted tones that look extra fun all hanging together:

Hooray! So what do you think? Any thoughts on pricing? Which one do you like best?


  1. these are too cute! I love the yellow and blue ones

  2. I LOOOVE it. I like the red and the white ones best, but I could be persuaded to a classic brown as well. I wouldn't know what to price them at though. What was the cost of the materials? Were they difficult to make? Would they cost a lot to ship? I'm hoping the answers are low, no, and no, because I want one, but I'm pretty cheap when it comes to online shopping!

  3. I love these with gold and necklaces in layers.

  4. I love them ALL! These are the BEST THING I've seen on the internet in FOREVER! Pinning!

  5. Aww these are lovely! I like the green one I think, as I love the more natural look to it. Jen x